Van Tuijl from Haaften is a leading company in plant pots. Van Tuijl develops and produces for each desired breeder each pot.

(At every question applies a jar!

The strength of Van Tuijl is the good relationship that we built with the customer through our frequent contacts with the sellers. Through these good contacts,  We always try as much as possible  in consultation with the clients to transfer their wishes or ideas into an existing product.

Service is highly valued. We give priority to the concerns of the grower.

Service also covers the short delivery. With our own fleet, we make every effort to achieve quick and efficient deliveries  from our own warehouse with space for about 3000 pallets. 
Van Tuijl is a company that  has already existed for generations. It emerged from the feed, compost and potting soil early 70s .After that,  the switch was made to stone flowerpots. In 1974 came the first plastic pots under its own brand on the market.

The range was expanded to include all types and sizes of hang-pots, plantcontainers, plantschalen, ompotten, pot holders, stekplaten tray bamboocanes, flowersticks, and bambooracks. In short everything that grows into a plant or supporting the plants

Since 2001, , Vatuplast BV,a subsidiary of Van Tuijl , which own the production of injection moulding pots . This allows Van Tuijl  to offer  quality products with competitive prices in the market. For more information, see the section on Vatuplast on this website


Since 2011,  Vatusticks BV, a subsidiary of Van Tuijl , which own the import of bamboocanes and flowersticks.   This allows Van Tuijl for a competitive price and quality in the market.